2014 Election Races

Candidates on the 2014 Clark County election ballot are listed here.

The primary election is June 10. The races that appear on your ballot will depend on your precinct.

The deadline for candidates to file for office was March 14 (Jan. 17 for judicial races).

For more information on incumbent candidates in the judicial races, see Judging the Judges, the Review-Journal's survey of judicial performance.

OfficeCandidateIncumbent  Party affiliation
Congressional District 1Kamau BakariNIndependent American
Congressional District 1Richard CharlesNLibertarian
Congressional District 1Jose PadillaNRepublican
Congressional District 1Herbert Glenn PetersNDemocrat
Congressional District 1Annette TeijeiroNRepublican
Congressional District 1Dina TitusYDemocrat
Congressional District 1Darren J. WelshNDemocrat
Congressional District 3Erin BilbrayNDemocrat
Congressional District 3Zachary CampbellNDemocrat
Congressional District 3David GoossenNIndependent Candidate
Congressional District 3Joe HeckYRepublican
Congressional District 3Randy KimmickNLibertarian
Congressional District 3Steven St.JohnNIndependent Candidate
Congressional District 4Russell BestNIndependent American
Congressional District 4Steve BrownNLibertarian
Congressional District 4Mark J. BudetichNDemocrat
Congressional District 4Cresent HardyNRepublican
Congressional District 4Steven HorsfordYDemocrat
Congressional District 4Niger InnisNRepublican
Congressional District 4Mike MonroeNRepublican
Congressional District 4Carlo PoliakNRepublican
Congressional District 4Sid ZellerNDemocrat
State Assembly District 1Roger BaumNRepublican
State Assembly District 1Marilyn KirkpatrickYDemocrat
State Assembly District 2John HambrickYRepublican
State Assembly District 2A.J. MaimbourgNIndependent American
State Assembly District 2Mark SlottaNRepublican
State Assembly District 3Danny AliresNDemocrat
State Assembly District 3Nelson AraujoNDemocrat
State Assembly District 3Chris BarryNDemocrat
State Assembly District 3Jesus MarquezNRepublican
State Assembly District 3Felipe RodriguezNDemocrat
State Assembly District 3Matthew TrampNDemocrat
State Assembly District 3Nakia WoodsonNDemocrat
State Assembly District 4Michele FioreYRepublican
State Assembly District 4Jeff HintonNDemocrat
State Assembly District 4Melissa D. LaughterNRepublican
State Assembly District 4John-Nicholas W. WhiteNDemocrat
State Assembly District 5Troy W. ArcherNRepublican
State Assembly District 5Barry R. KellerNRepublican
State Assembly District 5Max Miller-HooksNRepublican
State Assembly District 5Erv NelsonNRepublican
State Assembly District 5Jerri D. StrasserNDemocrat
State Assembly District 5Stuart Blake TenerNRepublican
State Assembly District 6Arrick FosterNDemocrat
State Assembly District 6Harvey J. MunfordYDemocrat
State Assembly District 6Anthony D. SnowdenNDemocrat
State Assembly District 7Brent LeavittNRepublican
State Assembly District 7Dina NealYDemocrat
State Assembly District 7Stephen TaylorNDemocrat
State Assembly District 8Jason FriersonYDemocrat
State Assembly District 8John MooreNRepublican
State Assembly District 9David M. GardnerNRepublican
State Assembly District 9Kelly W. MercerNDemocrat
State Assembly District 9Joe TinioNDemocrat
State Assembly District 9Steve YeagerNDemocrat
State Assembly District 10J.T. CreedonNDemocrat
State Assembly District 10Jonathan FriedrichNDemocrat
State Assembly District 10Jesse HolderNDemocrat
State Assembly District 10Shelly M. SheltonNRepublican
State Assembly District 11Olivia DiazYDemocrat
State Assembly District 12James OhrenschallYDemocrat
State Assembly District 12Troy WarrenNIndependent American
State Assembly District 13Paul AndersonYRepublican
State Assembly District 13Christine Lynn KramarNDemocrat
State Assembly District 14Jack BrooksNDemocrat
State Assembly District 14Maggie CarltonYDemocrat
State Assembly District 14Matthew YarbroughNRepublican
State Assembly District 15Elliot T. AndersonYDemocrat
State Assembly District 15Benjamin DonlonNRepublican
State Assembly District 15Roberto S. JuarezNLibertarian
State Assembly District 16Heidi SwankYDemocrat
State Assembly District 17Brandon CasuttNDemocrat
State Assembly District 17Patricia LittleNIndependent American
State Assembly District 17Patrick MendezNRepublican
State Assembly District 17Tyrone ThompsonYDemocrat
State Assembly District 18Amy BeaulieuNDemocrat
State Assembly District 18Richard CarrilloYDemocrat
State Assembly District 19Laura BledsoeNRepublican
State Assembly District 19Chris EdwardsNRepublican
State Assembly District 19Donald Wayne HendonNLibertarian
State Assembly District 19Frank TavaresNRepublican
State Assembly District 19James ZygadloNDemocrat
State Assembly District 20Carol LintonNRepublican
State Assembly District 20Ellen SpiegelYDemocrat
State Assembly District 21Derek W. ArmstrongNRepublican
State Assembly District 21Andrew W. CoatesNRepublican
State Assembly District 21Andy EisenYDemocrat
State Assembly District 21Adam-John SanacoreNLibertarian
State Assembly District 22Richard BunceNRepublican
State Assembly District 22Leroy T. LalleyNIndependent American
State Assembly District 22Lynn StewartYRepublican
State Assembly District 23Melissa WoodburyYRepublican
State Assembly District 28Edgar R. FloresNDemocrat
State Assembly District 29Lesley Elizabeth CohenYDemocrat
State Assembly District 29Amy L. GrovesNRepublican
State Assembly District 29Daniel MathisNDemocrat
State Assembly District 29Stephen SilberkrausNRepublican
State Assembly District 34Gary FisherNDemocrat
State Assembly District 34Fayyaz RajaNDemocrat
State Assembly District 34Victoria SeamanNRepublican
State Assembly District 34Sanje SederaNDemocrat
State Assembly District 34Meghan SmithNDemocrat
State Assembly District 35Michael BajorekNRepublican
State Assembly District 35Charles J. ClarkNDemocrat
State Assembly District 35James HealeyYDemocrat
State Assembly District 35Brent A. JonesNRepublican
State Assembly District 36James OscarsonYRepublican
State Assembly District 37Wesley DuncanYRepublican
State Assembly District 37Gerald MackinNDemocrat
State Assembly District 37Lou PomboNLibertarian
State Assembly District 41Paul AizleyYDemocrat
State Assembly District 41Vicki DoolingNRepublican
State Assembly District 42Irene Bustamante AdamsYDemocrat
State Assembly District 42Howard ScheffNIndependent American
State Senate District 2Louis J. BakerNIndependent American
State Senate District 2Mo DenisYDemocrat
State Senate District 8Marilyn Dondero LoopNDemocrat
State Senate District 8Patricia FarleyNRepublican
State Senate District 8Clayton Kelly HurstNRepublican
State Senate District 8Jon KamerathNIndependent American
State Senate District 8Garrett J. LeduffNDemocrat
State Senate District 8Lisa MyersNRepublican
State Senate District 9Vick GillNRepublican
State Senate District 9Becky HarrisNRepublican
State Senate District 9Justin JonesYDemocrat
State Senate District 9Ron Q. QuilangNRepublican
State Senate District 9David J. SchoenNRepublican
State Senate District 10Ruben KihuenYDemocrat
State Senate District 10Ed UehlingNLibertarian
State Senate District 12Joe HardyYRepublican
State Senate District 20Carl BunceNRepublican
State Senate District 20Teresa LowryNDemocrat
State Senate District 20Michael RobersonYRepublican
State Senate District 21Mark ManendoYDemocrat
State Senate District 21Ron L. McGinnisNRepublican
Clark County Commissioner, District EChris GiunchiglianiYDemocrat
Clark County Commissioner, District ERandy RoseNRepublican
Clark County Commissioner, District EJoe ThibodeauNRepublican
Clark County Commissioner, District ELou ToominNDemocrat
Clark County Commissioner, District FSusan BonaventuraNDemocrat
Clark County Commissioner, District FSusan BragerYDemocrat
Clark County Commissioner, District FLyal S. DarrelNIndependent American
Clark County Commissioner, District FJoe KrathwohlNRepublican
Clark County Commissioner, District FEllen N. NakamuraNDemocrat
Clark County Commissioner, District FMike SchneiderNDemocrat
Clark County Commissioner, District FJason G. SmithNLibertarian
Clark County Commissioner, District FMitchell T. TracyNRepublican
Clark County Commissioner, District GJohn BonaventuraNDemocrat
Clark County Commissioner, District GCarson EarnestNRepublican
Clark County Commissioner, District GCindy LakeNRepublican
Clark County Commissioner, District GMary Beth ScowYDemocrat
University Board of Regents, District 2Robert J. BlakelyYNonpartisan
University Board of Regents, District 2Trevor HayesNNonpartisan
University Board of Regents, District 2Danny TarkanianNNonpartisan
University Board of Regents, District 3Tom HurstNNonpartisan
University Board of Regents, District 3Swadeep NigamNNonpartisan
University Board of Regents, District 3Kevin J. PageYNonpartisan
University Board of Regents, District 3Bryan SpangeloNNonpartisan
University Board of Regents, District 5Sam LiebermanNNonpartisan
University Board of Regents, District 5Nick M. SpirtosNNonpartisan
Clark County School Board, District DKevin L. ChildNNonpartisan
Clark County School Board, District DSteven CorbettYNonpartisan
Clark County School Board, District DWesley CornwellNNonpartisan
Clark County School Board, District DCharles Manning WareNNonpartisan
Clark County School Board, District FCarolyn EdwardsYNonpartisan
Clark County School Board, District FIleetha J. GroomNNonpartisan
Clark County School Board, District FRalph KraussNNonpartisan
Clark County School Board, District GErin Earlene CranorYNonpartisan
Clark County School Board, District GIra KimballNNonpartisan
Clark County School Board, District GJoe SpencerNNonpartisan
Attorney GeneralJonathan HansenNIndependent American
Attorney GeneralAdam Paul LaxaltNRepublican
Attorney GeneralRoss MillerNDemocrat
Clark County AssessorBrad Lee BarnhillNIndependent American
Clark County AssessorTim HaganNLibertarian
Clark County AssessorMichele W. ShafeYDemocrat
Clark County ClerkLouis DeSalvioNDemocrat
Clark County ClerkLynn GoyaNDemocrat
Clark County ClerkWilliam HolsNRepublican
Clark County District AttorneyRaymond James DuensingNLibertarian
Clark County District AttorneySteve WolfsonYDemocrat
Clark County Public AdministratorWarren Hardy BrunellNDemocrat
Clark County Public AdministratorJohn J. CahillYDemocrat
Clark County Public AdministratorEd KlapprothNRepublican
Clark County Public AdministratorToni WernickeNDemocrat
Clark County RecorderDebbie ConwayYDemocrat
Clark County RecorderTravis FieldNDemocrat
Clark County RecorderDon HotchkissNRepublican
Clark County RecorderLaurel JimenezNDemocrat
Clark County RecorderDouglas JohnsonNLibertarian
Clark County RecorderShannon C. MacleanNIndependent American
Clark County SheriffAngel M. BarbozaNNonpartisan
Clark County SheriffLarry BurnsNNonpartisan
Clark County SheriffTim DeamNNonpartisan
Clark County SheriffRobert GronauerNNonpartisan
Clark County SheriffJoe LombardoNNonpartisan
Clark County SheriffGordon MartinesNNonpartisan
Clark County SheriffTed MoodyNNonpartisan
Clark County SheriffKenneth PageNNonpartisan
Clark County SheriffBill RomanNNonpartisan
Clark County TreasurerLaura FitzpatrickYDemocrat
Clark County TreasurerMike JavornickyNRepublican
District Court Judge, Department 1Ken CoryYNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 2Phung JeffersonNNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 2Richard ScottiNNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 2William S. SkupaNNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 2John G. WatkinsNNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 3Michael D. DavidsonNNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 3Douglas W. HerndonYNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 4Kerry Louise EarleyYNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 4Steve SmithNNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 5Carolyn EllsworthYNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 5William C. HorneNNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 6Elissa CadishYNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 7Linda Marie BellYNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 8Christine Guerci-NyhusNNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 8Doug SmithYNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 9Jennifer P. TogliattiYNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 10Jessie Elizabeth WalshYNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 11Elizabeth GonzalezYNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 12Michelle LeavittYNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 13Mark Ralph DentonYNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 14Adriana EscobarYNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 14Michael RootNNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 15Abbi SilverYNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 16Tim WilliamsYNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 17Ross SmillieNNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 17Michael VillaniYNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 18David BarkerYNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 19William KephartNNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 19Cliff MarcekNNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 20Nicholas Anthony PerrinoNNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 20Jerry TaoYNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 21Valerie AdairYNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 22Bruce L. GaleNNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 22Jacob HafterNNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 22Susan JohnsonYNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 23Craig FriedbergNNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 23Stefany A. MileyYNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 24Anthony AshbyNNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 24Jim CrockettNNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 24Joe HardyNNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 24Tony LikerNNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 25Sean P. ConnellNNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 25Kathleen E. DelaneyYNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 26Gloria J. SturmanYNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 27Nancy AllfYNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 28Susan BushNNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 28Ron IsraelYNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 28Robert PoolNNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 29Susan ScannYNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 30Jeffrey S. RuggNNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 30Jerry A. WieseYNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 31Joanna S KishnerYNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 32Rob BareYNonpartisan
District Court Judge, Department 32Randall TindallNNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department ABill VoyYNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department BEllen J. BezianNNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department BKristine BrewerNNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department BJane D. FemianoNNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department BThomas G. KurtzNNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department BLinda MarquisNNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department BJoseph A. ScaliaNNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department BShann D. WinesettNNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department BHeather Bailey ZanaNNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department CRebecca BurtonNNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department CJohn Hall HowardNNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department CLynn HughesNNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department CMarsha Kimble-SimmsNNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department CMichele MercerNNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department DRobert KurthNNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department DRobert W. TeutonYNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department ECharles HoskinYNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department FDenise L. GentileNNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department FWilliam B. GonzalezYNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department GCynthia SteelYNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department HKeith LyonsNNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department HArt RitchieYNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department ICheryl MossYNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department ITravis ShetlerNNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department JRena G. HughesNNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department JRomeo R. PerezNNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department JKenneth E. PollockYNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department KCynthia GiulianiYNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department LJennifer L. ElliottYNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department LPaul GaudetNNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department LMary PerryNNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department MWilliam PotterYNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department MJames StuartNNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department NMathew HarterYNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department NMonti Jordana LevyNNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department OFrank P. SullivanYNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department PDavid R. FordNNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department PNathan GibbsNNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department PSandra L. PomrenzeYNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department QBryce C. DuckworthYNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department RBill HendersonYNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department SVincent OchoaYNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department SJason Patrick StoffelNNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department TLisa M. BrownNNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department TMaria MaskallNNonpartisan
Family Court Judge, Department TGayle NathanYNonpartisan
GovernorCharles ChangNDemocrat
GovernorFrederick L. ConquestNDemocrat
GovernorStephen H. FryeNDemocrat
GovernorDavid GibsonNNevada Green
GovernorRobert GoodmanNDemocrat
GovernorEddie HamiltonNRepublican
GovernorChris HyepockNDemocrat
GovernorFernardo LopesNDemocrat
GovernorGary MarinchNRepublican
GovernorAllen RheinhartNDemocrat
GovernorJohn P. RutledgeNDemocrat
GovernorBrian SandovalYRepublican
GovernorAbdul H. ShabazzNDemocrat
GovernorWilliam TarbellNRepublican
GovernorThomas J. TigheNRepublican
GovernorDavid Lory VanDerBeekNIndependent American
Lieutenant GovernorChris DyerNRepublican
Lieutenant GovernorLucy FloresNDemocrat
Lieutenant GovernorMark HutchisonNRepublican
Lieutenant GovernorHarley Zane KulkinNDemocrat
Lieutenant GovernorMike LittleNIndependent American
Lieutenant GovernorSue LowdenNRepublican
Nevada Supreme Court Justice, Seat BKristina PickeringYNonpartisan
Nevada Supreme Court Justice, Seat DMark GibbonsYNonpartisan
Secretary of StateBarbara CegavskeNRepublican
Secretary of StateKate MarshallNDemocrat
Secretary of StateTimothy ReinhardtNNevada Green
State ControllerCort ArlintNRepublican
State ControllerBarry HerrNRepublican
State ControllerTom JonesNIndependent American
State ControllerRon KnechtNRepublican
State ControllerAndrew MartinNDemocrat
State ControllerMichael SchaeferNDemocrat
State TreasurerKress CaveNIndependent American
State TreasurerDan SchwartzNRepublican
State TreasurerKim WallinNDemocrat
Constable, Boulder TownshipSteve HampeYRepublican
Constable, Bunkerville TownshipErik LaubYDemocrat
Constable, Goodsprings TownshipKen DerschanNDemocrat
Constable, Goodsprings TownshipGary P. RogersYRepublican
Constable, Henderson TownshipDouglas HaleNRepublican
Constable, Henderson TownshipJason A. MaloneNRepublican
Constable, Henderson TownshipEarl MitchellYRepublican
Constable, Henderson TownshipJoe PittsNDemocrat
Constable, Henderson TownshipJohn StitesNRepublican
Constable, Henderson TownshipTerry WatsonNDemocrat
Henderson Justice of the Peace, Department 2Stephen GeorgeYNonpartisan
Henderson Justice of the Peace, Department 3David S. GibsonYNonpartisan
Las Vegas Justice of the Peace, Department 11Eric A. GoodmanYNonpartisan
Las Vegas Justice of the Peace, Department 12Marian Kahoiwai KamalaniNNonpartisan
Las Vegas Justice of the Peace, Department 12Diana L. SullivanYNonpartisan
Constable, Laughlin TownshipJordan RossYRepublican
Constable, Mesquite TownshipDuane L. ThurstonYRepublican
Constable, Moapa TownshipGary L. LeavittYRepublican
Constable, Moapa Valley TownshipLeon S. FreiYRepublican
Constable, North Las Vegas TownshipRyan ClarkNDemocrat
Constable, North Las Vegas TownshipRobert L. EliasonNDemocrat
Constable, North Las Vegas TownshipIsaac JamesNDemocrat
Constable, North Las Vegas TownshipTom JeevesNDemocrat
Constable, North Las Vegas TownshipJon MartinNRepublican
North Las Vegas Justice Of The Peace, Department 3Chris LeeYNonpartisan
Constable, Searchlight TownshipJack CochranYRepublican
Moapa Valley TV Maintenance DistrictCraig FabbiYNonpartisan
Moapa Valley Water District, LogandaleScott Roy CarsonYNonpartisan
Moapa Valley Water District, LogandaleRichard EideNNonpartisan
Moapa Valley Water District, LogandaleRyan N. WheelerNNonpartisan
Moapa Valley Water District, OvertonRandall ToblerYNonpartisan
Overton Power District, BunkervilleRobert BunkerNNonpartisan
Overton Power District, BunkervilleMichael F. WilsonYNonpartisan
Overton Power District, LogandaleJack W. NelsonNNonpartisan
Overton Power District, OvertonMike FetherstonYNonpartisan
Overton Power District, Mesquite 5Jim PughYNonpartisan
Overton Power District, Mesquite 5Mike YoungNNonpartisan
Virgin Valley Water District, BunkervilleRichard BowlerNNonpartisan
Virgin Valley Water District, BunkervilleNephi JulienNNonpartisan
Virgin Valley Water District, MesquiteBarbara J. EllestadNNonpartisan
Virgin Valley Water District, MesquiteLarry John KeplerNNonpartisan
Virgin Valley Water District, MesquiteTed MillerYNonpartisan
Virgin Valley Water District, MesquiteSandra RamakerYNonpartisan
Virgin Valley Water District, MesquiteRobert SmithNNonpartisan
Overton Power District, At LargeShawn Lyle HughesNNonpartisan
Overton Power District, At LargeBill HurdNNonpartisan
Overton Power District, At LargeJudy MetzNNonpartisan
Overton Power District, At LargeSteven MillerYNonpartisan
Overton Power District, Mesquite 6David P. BallwegNNonpartisan
Overton Power District, Mesquite 6Douglas P. WaiteYNonpartisan