Nevada Fishing Report

Windy conditions have kept anglers off the water for the most part at Lake Mead, though some have found success throwing creature baits just outside the tires at the marinas.



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Research shows aging is not all gloom and doom

In a nutshell, feelings of satisfaction are high in early adulthood such as the 20s, then start to curve downward and hit rock bottom in middle age, around the late 40s to early 50s. Then, despite all those preconceptions about growing older, well-being actually starts to curve upward and keeps rising into at least the eighth decade

Literary Las Vegas: Frances Richards

Las Vegas author Frances Richards feels that explaining differences and skin color to children can be challenging. That’s part of why she wrote the book “Hey Little Girl, She’s Got Swirl.”

How to get kids to eat healthy

Climate change, peace in the Middle East and the national debt can seem like a piece of cake in comparison to getting our kids to eat healthy.