Was it okay for kids to play on the war memorial?

Kids, being kids, like to climb on things. More often than not, that’s OK. But when the thing in question is a war memorial? That’s the question burning up online parenting groups and in family rooms after an amateur photographer snapped a picture of two children scampering on top of the Vietnam Women’s Memorial in Washington.

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Nevada legislators educated about schools takeover bill

A bill that would authorize the state Department of Education to take over underperforming schools was described Friday as a measure of last resort for institutions that have been unable to make progress in student achievement after years of effort.




Caesars said close to deal with top lenders to bankrupt unit

Caesars Entertainment Corp. is close to winning support from a group of its highest-ranking lenders for a restructuring of its biggest unit, a deal that would help ease the company’s path in bankruptcy, according to three people with knowledge of the discussions.

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Common Core merits discussion, minus the scorn

The Common Core State Standards, now generally known as Common Core or the Nevada Academic Content Standards, have generated about as much controversy as any educational initiative ever has. Stirred by a relentless stream of anecdotal horror stories, many teachers, parents and administrators have sought the repeal of Common Core. They have understandable concerns about how the standards were established, about implementation and about testing.

Stop punishing productive workers

I could rattle off economic facts about tourism trends, underwater mortgages and unemployment numbers, but Nevadans don’t need statistics to tell them what they see with their own eyes.