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Lawmakers tackle teacher shortage with scholarship fund, bonuses

Gov. Brian Sandoval and legislative leaders introduced a new $15 million initiative late Friday designed to ease Nevada’s teacher shortage.The two-pronged program sets aside $5 million for the Teach Nevada Scholarship Fund and provides new teacher bonuses.




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Michael Heizer’s City reflects Nevada’s monumental story

Since long before joining the Union in 1864, Nevada has drawn strength from its cultural, economic and geographic diversity. The storied histories of mining and ranching, combined in later decades with gaming and entertainment, and now technology, have contributed to the economic vitality and cultural identity that is today’s modern Nevada.

EDITORIAL: UNLV’s First Amendment ranking improves

Nevada’s underperforming K-12 schools aren’t the only campuses stuck with low ratings. Higher education has its problems, too, particularly when it comes to free speech at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and the University of Nevada, Reno.


Is technology good for religion?

“The Holy Words — it matters not how I got them, it’s ‘have I retained them?’” To this older man, who took part in a survey on technology and religion, it does not matter whether he is reading the scriptures on his phone or in “the well-worn pages of the family Bible.”