Beyond bright lights, Nevada boasts plenty of dark skies

Despite brilliant lights and high-decibel sounds in the urban areas surrounding Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada retains some of the darkest night skies and quietest open spaces left in our nation. These natural attributes are enhanced by the Silver State’s sparse population spread over a huge expanse of territory.

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51s lose to Tacoma

With Gavin Cecchini, the leadoff runner aboard in the fourth inning down by one, the 51s looked like they might have anopportunity to tie the game.


Original ‘Ghostbusters’ plans return to theaters

As if the quadruple threat of Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, plus a side dish of Chris Hemsworth, wasn’t enough to get you excited for the new “Ghostbusters,” Sony Pictures is reviving the original film to get fans revved up for the reboot.


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