Bull riders made eight seconds last 21 years

Breakaway leagues usually end up as broken dreams. But the Pro Bull Riders started 21 years ago in an Arizona motel room with $12,000 in a cowboy hat, and this week the riders compete for $2.2 million in the World Finals at the Thomas & Mack Center.

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BLM to gather ‘nuisance’ mustangs in Nevada

Federal wranglers are preparing for an unusual wild horse roundup near the Nevada-Utah line where ranchers say U.S.-protected mustangs are knocking down fences and impregnating their mares.



First Look: ‘Ouija’

A group of friends awakens the dark powers of a Hasbro-branded spirit board in this horror tale.


Why Americans throw away $165B in groceries every year

Even though there is enough food produced on the planet to feed everyone, 805 million people worldwide go hungry. In America, one of the wealthiest nations on Earth, one in seven people don’t have enough food to eat. Part of the problem is the enormous amount of wasted food.

Nevada ties for No. 1 in underwater homes

California research firm RealtyTrac reported Wednesday that 31 percent of Nevadans with mortgages had loans that were “seriously” higher than their home values in the quarter that ended Sept. 30.

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EDITORIAL: Federal court secrecy goes too far

The federal government stomps all over Americans’ rights on a regular basis. But when the government uses the courts — the system that is supposed to provide the final check on government overreach — to trample our liberties, it’s beyond outrageous. It’s a constitutional crisis.