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Hearing on the future of rooftop solar underway in Nevada

A much-anticipated meeting of state regulators got under way Friday to determine the future of net metering and rooftop solar in Nevada, but filings in the case suggest existing customers will not be able to grandfather in under former, more favorable rates. The new rates are not expected to be reconsidered going forward either.

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Challengers can't conjure plan to top Trump

Even though everyone has expected for weeks that Donald Trump would win the New Hampshire Republican primary, the scale of that win should unsettle both his rivals and the pundits.

Proposed minimum wage hike will hamper Nevada

Last month, a Carson City judge approved a proposed ballot measure for a $13 minimum wage, allowing supporters to begin gathering the necessary signatures to put the measure before voters in November. If approved, Nevada's minimum wage could rise by 58 percent, gradually moving from $8.25 up to $13 in 2024.

LETTERS: Time is now for first woman president

I have watched all the Democratic debates and town halls, and I agree with Sen. Bernie Sanders that a revolution must occur. I do, however, believe that Sen. Sanders is part of the establishment, because of all his congressional committee work. The revolution is for Hillary Clinton.