The Walking Debt: 4 real-life financial zombies

The fifth season of “The Walking Dead” is well underway, and viewers’ minds are being captivated by images of bloodthirsty zombies lumbering through deserted towns, on the hunt for their human dinners. But did you know that zombies exist off screen, too? Except it’s not your delicious brains they’re after — it’s your bank account.

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EDITORIAL: Sickening secrecy

You can’t fight the spread of an infectious, deadly disease with secrecy. In fact, containing a potential outbreak requires exactly the opposite: openness, transparency and rapid disclosure.

EDITORIAL: Legislature must heed court’s residency rulings

Residency requirements for public offices are enshrined in state law for an important reason: Voters should be represented by people who live among them, not by absentee opportunists or cynical carpetbaggers who crave power but have no desire to invest in the neighborhoods they oversee.


PEACE Shield unites police, faith leaders, community

Violent crimes can be traumatic for neighbors as well as victims. To comfort and reach out to those who may be suffering, local police created PEACE Shield, which involves religious leaders going into such neighborhoods and talking to people face to face.