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Quashed report elicits call for higher education accountability

Nevada legislators and education watchdogs expressed alarm over news higher education officials buried a report amid fear it would reflect poorly on the system. The matter, they said, obstructs what many have long wanted: A higher education system with more accountability.




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Swarm of bees attacks, kills Texas farmer

A Texas farmer who disturbed an underground bee colony while plowing a field died after he was stung hundreds of times by a swarm that attacked him, a fire official said on Monday.


This Legislature deserves a victory lap

Four years ago, I decided to run for the Assembly because I felt an obligation to give back to the state that has given my family and me so much. At the same time, I was not content with where Nevada was headed.


‘Voluntourism’ may be doing more harm than good

Rapid growth in the multi-billion dollar volunteer tourism industry has prompted calls for tighter controls with concerns over exposing vulnerable communities to unskilled foreign labor and dodgy operators exploiting foreigners for profit.