2 people wounded in east valley shooting

Two wounded people are expected to survive after an east valley shooting late Friday night, Las Vegas police said. Officers and medical personnel were called about 11:50 p.m. to the 2800 block of Cedar Ave., near the intersection of Eastern Avenue and U.S Highway 95.

35 life hacks that will save you thousands

If you saw a $20 bill on the sidewalk, you’d definitely bend over to pick it up, wouldn’t you? Well, without much more effort than that, you can save at least that much — and probably a lot more — by employing a host of everyday life hacks.

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How to make money on Instagram

Everyday people can use their social media knowledge and skills to earn cash on popular sites and apps, including Instagram. With Instagram, you can promote products, advertise and sell your own services, and much more to earn a buck. Below are certain steps you should take to turn your Instagram account into your own source of income.

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EDITORIAL: Assembly bill addresses schools’ ‘zero tolerance’ overreach

The state shouldn’t need laws that mandate common sense. But the ridiculous overreach of “zero tolerance” school rules that fail to distinguish between toy weapons and real ones, between make believe and real threats, between first graders and teenagers, has forced the Nevada Legislature to bypass school boards in pursuit of a badly needed statewide disciplinary policy.



North Las Vegas youth stars in comic book about epilepsy

North Las Vegas resident Megan Majia is the star of a recently released comic book. In the book, she doesn’t fight crime, wear a robot suit, fly, turn into an angry, muscled monster or even solve crimes with a spunky, talking dog. She simply shares her story of living with epilepsy and encourages others to tell their stories — and that makes her a special kind of superhero.