Heller wants to defund Planned Parenthood

Sen. Dean Heller on Wednesday sided with critics of Planned Parenthood who are seeking to restrict federal funding to the group in the wake of provocative videos that raise questions about the organization's ethics on abortion.

10 ways to cut $500 off your monthly bills

Surely, you've heard the advice to cut out discretionary expenses to save money. It's true that those small savings can add up and provide a little more wiggle room in your budget. But what about those necessary expenditures — the bills you have to pay each month?

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SI.com unveils Roger Goodell random punishment generator

Shortly after Goodell upheld Tom Brady's four-game suspension Tuesday for his alleged role in deflating footballs — the same suspension Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy received for assaulting his ex-girlfriend — SI.com posted a Roger Goodell Random Punishment Generator.



Draft order would OK keeping Switch as Nevada Power Co. customer

CARSON CITY — A draft order has been prepared in advance of Thursday's Public Utilities Commission meeting that would approve an agreement reached between Switch, NV Energy and state regulators to keep the the data storage company as a customer of Nevada Power Co.

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LETTERS: Full-day kindergarten's costs far outweigh benefits

The headline on the article about full-day kindergarten read, "Study finds full-day kindergarten opens door to higher achievement" (July 6 Review-Journal). Nice try! This is another attempt to increase the number of teachers (can you say union members?) and have taxpayers foot the bill for babysitting.