Arkansas set to adopt its own religious freedom bill

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson now has to decide if he wants Mike Pence’s headache. The Arkansas House on Tuesday approved a religious freedom measure that mirrors the one Pence signed into law in Indiana — sparking outrage from businesses, sports organizations and popular culture figures who said it opened the door to discrimination against gays and lesbians.

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McGregor goes after Aldo’s belt at presser — VIDEO

After 12 days on the road spent promoting his July 11 fight against Jose Aldo by poking and prodding the UFC featherweight champion at every opportunity, top contender Conor McGregor saved his final act of defiance for the final media appearance.

Nevada fishing report, April 2, 2015

LAKE MEAD — Anglers are having success in various areas around the lake, of note are coves in the Vegas Wash area and around Echo Bay. Netting shad has been a fairly easy task for those working around 33 Hole. Warming water is bringing out the smaller fish, which then attract the striped bass and anglers alike. Anglers report success for spawning largemouth bass near submerged brush and smallmouth bass near rocky points and drop-offs. The smallmouth bass are also proving to be more cooperative than the largemouth variety and are taking drop shots and buzzbaits.



4 tips to cut your monthly housing costs

Whether you see your residence as a forever home, a financial investment or just a place to crash for the night, there’s no denying how much the cost of housing cuts into your available funds at the end of the month.

Nation and World

Anne Frank died sooner than you think, researchers say

Seventy years ago, Anne Frank died of typhus in a Nazi concentration camp at the age of 15. But new research released by the Anne Frank House shows that Anne and her older sister, Margot Frank, died at least a month earlier than previously thought.


EDITORIAL: Capitalism crushes poverty

Capitalism often gets a bad rap. But make no mistake, the incredible decline in poverty worldwide over the past two centuries — and especially over the past three decades — is largely due to economic growth spurred by capitalism and industrialism.


Craving Ribs & Burgers?

Ribs & Burgers lives up to its name, but it offers other types of meat and some veggies, too.