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Inmate convicted of murder in Clark County dies

A Nevada inmate serving a life sentence for murder convictions in the 1970s died on Tuesday, Nevada Department of Corrections announced on Friday. James Taylor, 69, died at Carson Tahoe Hospital and was incarcerated at the Northern Nevada Correctional Center, a press release said.




New York casino board meets as decision nears

ALBANY, N.Y. — The decision on where to build casinos in upstate New York will make some developers very happy. For others, it will spell the disappointing end to a long and expensive bid for a piece of the action.

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It’s time for wind tax credit to get blown away

Lame-duck Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid soon will lose control of a chamber he has helmed for eight years. As the sun sets on his reign, one question remains: will Reid, D-Nev., go out with bang or a whimper?

EDITORIAL: Collective bargaining reform

Speaking of reforms, contract negotiations between Clark County and the SEIU continue to make the case for major changes in the state’s collective bargaining laws.


5 ways to save money during peak travel season

The holiday season has some of the busiest and priciest travel days of the year. Luckily, rising prices and packed flights can be worked around. We collected these expert tips to find prices in your budget — even on peak travel days.