‘Showstoppers’ dazzles on opening night

Steve Wynn was over the moon after Saturday’s opening night of “Showstoppers,” describing his salute to Broadway as “the most fun I’ve ever had.” Judging from the strong audience feedback, his best-of-Broadway format is a welcome addition to the entertainment community.

5 purchases you should never put on a debit card

When at the checkout line and a clerk asks, “debit or credit?” I have only one answer: credit. There are a number of reasons I never make debit card purchases — security, peace of mind, rewards — but perhaps the biggest reason is that I’ve learned how to use my credit card like a debit card.

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Ex-Clemson QB arrested after gun threats

Chad Kelly, a former Clemson quarterback and current Ole Miss signee who is the nephew of Buffalo Bills great Jim Kelly, faces numerous charges after an altercation at a downtown Buffalo, N.Y., bar.



What will we give up for Uber convenience?

Anyone who signs up for Uber’s app gives up a tremendous amount of liability to get the service, which is provided by third-party contractors who drive their own cars.

Las Vegas ranked high as market for entry-level homes

Constrained land supplies, sluggish permitting processes, competition from more affordable resales — the local new-homes market has plenty of obstacles in its way. But two recent reports show consumer demand, at least, won’t be among the issues builders face in 2015.

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EDITORIAL: State GOP infighting

The story of Nevada’s Assembly Republican caucus is something between soap opera and slapstick. Amid the betrayal and mistrust are too many self-inflicted blows to the groin to count.


COPD throws challenges in the way of patients

About 24 million Americans suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, commonly known as COPD. Many may not realize it is the cause of their distress and needs to be treated right away.