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Chiefs coming to grips with Berry’s cancer battle

When told a preliminary diagnosis indicated his chest discomfort was due to lymphoma, Eric Berry’s reaction explained a lot about how the Kansas City Chiefs safety is mentally and emotionally wired. Berry wanted to play in Sunday’s big AFC West division showdown with the Denver Broncos.

Nevada fishing report

LAKE MEAD — Colder temperatures in the early mornings have discouraged some anglers, but those who have braved the conditions report better fishing along with less competition. Vegas Wash has been a popular spot for more and bigger fish than in the recent past. Stripers are taking lures, Sassy Shad and jigs. The fish are hitting everywhere from deep water to shallows at depths of 2 to 4 feet. Black bass fishing has been a cause of frustration for many anglers. Even when the fish are found, they are not easily fooled.


Here’s what’s coming to Netflix in December

If for some reason you’ve had a burning desire to see the Bewitched remake, December is your lucky month. But don’t worry, an actually decent selection of entertainment is coming, too.


Bankruptcy wrangling for ex-Trump, Revel casinos

ATLANTIC CITY — Some of the hottest action in Atlantic City involves closed casinos in bankruptcy court, where Donald Trump is trying to recoup rent he paid on a driveway and the city is fighting to collect more than $50 million in unpaid taxes.

Nation and World


EDITORIAL: Give thanks — you live in the United States

Is the United States broken? Are we hopelessly divided by race and culture? Millions of Americans look at the violence in Ferguson, Mo., and say, “Yes.” Millions more see President Barack Obama rewriting immigration law by executive order and say, “Yes.”


Be thankful, be healthy

As we prepare for turkey, trimmings and delectable desserts this week, let’s not forget the words of Edward Sanford Martin: “Thanksgiving Day comes, by statute, once a year; to the honest man it comes as frequently as the heart of gratitude will allow.” And, too, being thankful is good for our heart, body, mind and spirit, everyday.


RTC to teach seniors, disabled how to use bus system

Public transportation can be intimidating for some people, especially seniors and those with disabilities. To make the process easier, the construction of a new training center is planned in the northwest area.