Arkansas set to adopt its own religious freedom bill

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson now has to decide if he wants Mike Pence’s headache. The Arkansas House on Tuesday approved a religious freedom measure that mirrors the one Pence signed into law in Indiana — sparking outrage from businesses, sports organizations and popular culture figures who said it opened the door to discrimination against gays and lesbians.

How Obama benefits from your tax refund

With tax season in full swing, many taxpayers are filing returns with high hopes of receiving a fat tax refund in the coming weeks. When expanding the lens to include the big picture, however, it becomes clear that a $1,000 or more refund is not great for your finances after all.

How not to act like a moron at a buffet

The buffet meal scene may resemble the siege of the Bastille. Somehow, ordinarily sensible people fear that the food will be taken away before they get some, or that others will take all of the choice items, leaving them to munch on radishes.

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EDITORIAL: Capitalism crushes poverty

Capitalism often gets a bad rap. But make no mistake, the incredible decline in poverty worldwide over the past two centuries — and especially over the past three decades — is largely due to economic growth spurred by capitalism and industrialism.



West Career and Tech sophomore travels to NYC with Honors Orchestra

Carnegie Hall is one of the most famous venues in the U.S., and Las Vegas resident Aaron Lockhart got to play there recently as a member of the 2015 High School Honors Orchestra. The West Career and Technical Academy sophomore performed as part of the High School Honors Performance Series, presented by WorldStrides.