Vegas weather heating up fast

The month of May has been a record-setting month for mild Las Vegas Valley weather, but temperatures are expected to climb back to average as soon as Tuesday, the National Weather Service said.

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Assembly panel OKs net-metering compromise

A compromise measure meant to ensure that Nevada’s rooftop solar industry continues to grow while protecting utility customers who do not participate in net metering won approval Monday in an Assembly committee.

State Senate faces decision on abortion notification

Nevada senators will decide if the state needs a law requiring parents to be notified if their minor daughter wants an abortion. They have just a week to make their decision before the legislative session ends.



Chris Brown causing trouble over selfie

Chris Brown, the Cromwell hotel headliner with a violent past, came to Vegas to perform at Drai’s nightclub. But he also found time to post some emotional things online that some viewed as a threat.


CVS to Target: 21 best loyalty rewards programs

To help you save money, get more coupons and earn instant cash back, we’ve rounded up some of the best loyalty programs out there, from Starbucks and CVS to Safeway and Papa John’s. Read on to find out which retailers will give you the most for your loyalty.

Nation and World


Government must fund, chart future of highways

The country is careening toward a grisly wreck as the federal surface transportation bill races toward expiration on May 31, with a successor nowhere in sight. Congressional action for a long-term replacement seems unlikely until after the 2016 presidential race, as well as any meaningful tax reform addressing the defunct Highway Trust Fund, leaving an already fragile economic recovery open to more bruising setbacks.


Turning sit time into fit time

When it comes to exercising, the demands of every day life are often to blame for bringing this noble goal to a screeching halt. However, while we may not have 1-2 hours to dedicate to daily gym workouts, we have 24 hours in each and every day where we can incorporate more physical activity into our daily routines.


North Las Vegas youth stars in comic book about epilepsy

North Las Vegas resident Megan Majia is the star of a recently released comic book. In the book, she doesn’t fight crime, wear a robot suit, fly, turn into an angry, muscled monster or even solve crimes with a spunky, talking dog. She simply shares her story of living with epilepsy and encourages others to tell their stories — and that makes her a special kind of superhero.