How to be richer in one year

If you're serious about building a better financial foundation and meeting monetary goals, there are steps you can take. You won't see the changes overnight, but commit to one or more of these strategies, and within a year you'll be richer.

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The Mob Museum Hot Havana Nights 2015
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NFL's Cardinals hire female coach

The NFL continues to remove its glass ceiling, and the Arizona Cardinals continue to help lead the way. Just a few months after the league hired Sarah Thomas as its first female referee, the Cardinals -- long advocates for African-American executives -- have brought in a female coach.


Rocker guy proposes on stage

Alien Ant Farm guitarist Dryden Mitchell proposed to his girlfriend on stage Saturday at Foxtail Pool in the SLS hotel.


Nation and World


Who's for whom in Nevada?

In an early caucus state, endorsements from local officials can mean a lot more than they do elsewhere. And that's undoubtedly why presidential campaigns are moving to lock up local support in Nevada: First, get some big-name surrogates on board. Second, create an aura of momentum.

EDITORIAL: The Henderson way

There'€™s an old saying that people are best judged by what they do when they believe no one'€™s watching them. That certainly holds true in Henderson, where Mayor Andy Hafen is more than happy to let taxpayers serve his family instead of vice versa.


What to do when you lose -- or find -- a pet

Most people don't know the immediate steps to take when they have lost or found a pet. Hopefully, this short list of Do's and Don'ts will help reunite pets and owners here in the valley.