Commuter purchases Sonata Hybrid to save gasoline money

Southern Nevada resident Tim Fox travels 70 miles to and from work each day. He knew firsthand that he’d be putting many miles on his 2013 Sonata Hybrid purchased from Centennial Hyundai at 6200 Centennial Center Blvd.

Fox, an Omaha, Neb., native, bought the hybrid with the fuel mileage and power in mind.

“I wasn’t planning on getting another car,” Fox said. “I brought my other vehicle (a 2011 Hyundai Sonata) in for service, and sales consultant Amos Mally told me that he could pay off my other vehicle and get me in a new vehicle for less money.”

Fox was happy with his 2011 Sonata but the offer to get a new vehicle — and a hybrid — was worth considering. He also was impressed with the vehicle’s warranty.

“I had never been to this dealership before,” the 28-year-old Fox said. “I came here to have the car serviced and the dealership honored the warranty and did the service for free because it was covered. They went to the end of the earth to have it repaired and I was impressed with what I saw at Centennial Hyundai.

“The hybrid is really nice and it’s very quiet,” Fox said. “It has all of the features that matter to me and more than I had with my old car.”

The hybrid is advertised to get up to 37 miles to the gallon in city driving.

Centennial Hyundai is part of a locally owned operation that also includes Planet Hyundai Sahara at 7150 W. Sahara Ave. and Planet Hyundai Used Car Superstore at 7100 W. Sahara Ave.

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