Dancer lands on his feet with job change to Lexus

Charles Gumina was looking to make a little extra money in between gigs as a Las Vegas dancer, something he could do in the mornings that wouldn’t conflict with his evening performances, when his girlfriend (who is now his wife) suggested he apply for a lot porter position at Lexus of Las Vegas.

On June 26, 2005, Gumina was hired and, in less than two months, transferred to shipping and receiving and then on to the front parts desk for 1½ years. Gumina quickly hit his stride at Lexus of Las Vegas, moving up the corporate ladder to service writer, then new-car salesman, finance manager and into his current position as sales manager.

Eventually, Gumina realized he couldn’t do both careers, teaching hip-hop and salsa on the side while performing in the dance company he founded, Wicked Movement. So he hung up his dancing shoes and decided to make his second job his new career.

“The first week as a salesman I sold 12 cars,” Gumina said. “For me selling was easy because as a performer I enjoy meeting and talking to people. It’s been an awesome ride ever since.”

Gumina said he misses performing in front of people and touring with such entertainers as songstress Alicia Keys and rapper Ludacris . He’s also danced on the Strip. But working at Lexus of Las Vegas has been very rewarding, both professionally and financially, Gumina said.

“You hear horror stories at other dealerships,” Gumina said. “Here it’s like night and day. It feels homey when you walk into our dealership. By far we go over and beyond customer service. We try to give that wow factor to our customers and we do it very well.”

Ultimately, Gumina wants to be general manager of a Lexus dealership .

He said management at Lexus of Las Vegas has been very supportive of his career goals, adding that he wants to learn more about the used-vehicle side of the business.

“We strive to be the professional car source for you,” Gumina said of Lexus’ attitude toward its customers. “We want to be someone you can trust like having your own doctor and your own tax consultant.”

The Lexus of Las Vegas dealership is at 6600 W. Sahara Ave. For information, call 702-942-6600 or visit www.lexusoflasvegas.com.