Fiat 500L hot at Findlay dealership in auto mall

With American drivers fascinated with horsepower and smaller vehicles, Fiat has stepped up with the 2014 500L Lounge edition.

“Fiat really hit a home run this time,” Findlay Fiat Internet Manager Steven McMechan said. “The vehicle has taken off very well, and it has the highest demand of all of our vehicles.”

McMechan said the 500L’s multifaceted design has been the biggest reason for its success.

“The turbo is an awesome addition to the car. The turbo is small but it has 160 horsepower with 184 pounds of torque. It’s a fun car with plenty of power,” he said.

The 500L has four doors with standard features that include navigation in three of the four trim levels, rear back-up camera and rear park assist. Add in a fuel mileage rating of 31 to 40 miles to the gallon, and it’s easy to see why the vehicle has become an instant hit, he said.

“The 500Ls also come with hands-free Bluetooth,” added McMechan, a native of Casper, Wyo., and five-year resident of Las Vegas. “Fiat really stepped up in 2012 by bringing the Fiat to the U.S. market, and ever since it’s been well-received.”

McMechan said his customers include teachers, his real estate agent, doctors and lawyers, along with younger college graduates who want an affordable car with good gas mileage.

“The Fiat — and especially the 500L – is for everyone, especially auto racing enthusiasts and competitors are fans of the car because of the performance of the turbo,” he said.

“I have friends who work for other Fiat dealerships in other parts of the country and they’re also saying that the Fiat is taking off in their regions. In particular, the car is popular on the West Coast and in Austin, Texas.”

Kathy McDonald purchased a 500L about two months ago from McMechan.

“The car is a lot of fun, and the purchase was an enjoyable experience,” McDonald said.

Kasey Golightly bought a 500L Oct. 11 and he, too, was happy with the car and the buying experience.

“The 500L was worth every inch,” said Golightly, who traded in a Toyota Corolla for his new vehicle.

The Fiat comes with a four-year, 50,000-mile warranty and free roadside assistance.

Findlay Fiat is part of Findlay Automotive Group, founded more than 50 years ago by the late Pete Findlay. His son, Cliff Findlay, now runs 28 new and pre-owned dealerships in Nevada, Arizona, Idaho and Utah.

Findlay Fiat is at 210 N. Gibson Road in the Valley Automall. For more information, call 702-982-4888 or visit

The dealership is led by General Manager John Saksa, who also is the general manager for Findlay Cadillac in the Valley Automall.