Findlay Toyota sales manager finds home in Las Vegas

Findlay Toyota Sales Manager Cong Nguyen is undoubtedly proof that Las Vegas and the car business can grow on a person.

Nguyen, a native of Vietnam who moved to the United States at the age of 12 in 1984, began selling cars for Findlay Toyota at the age of 26. He arrived in the city from Los Angeles, owned a Toyota and wanted to sell the same brand of vehicles.

“I figured that it made sense to sell Toyotas because I own them,” said Nguyen, who is now 41. “I will never forget a professor in my marketing class saying “If you’re in selling or marketing, you have to sell something that you believe in. When I started selling cars for Findlay Toyota, I had a 1997 Corolla.”

Selling vehicles is never easy considering the long hours, but Nguyen has never been afraid of hard work.

“The car business is fun,” he said. “We have a great working environment and it feels good to come to work and help people. There is something very cool about helping someone getting a new or preowned car. We’re here to help no matter what the customer is looking for.

“This is a mega store where we have everything. We sold more than 7,000 vehicles during some tough times, so that speaks for itself. We billed about 650 sales in December alone.”

The Toyota name represents quality and Nguyen likes the fact that he doesn’t have to worry about the vehicles he sells to his customers.

“I have had so many customers over the years and it feels good knowing that I sold them a quality vehicle,” he said. “The Toyota is reliable and it’s affordable.”

Nguyen has special admiration for Findlay Automotive Group, which moved into its new facility in 2008 just before the economy crashed.

“There was no turning back,” Nguyen recalled. “We all got together on a Sunday morning and moved into the new store. Everyone grabbed something and started moving. It was something that we will never forget. We have certainly bounced back, that’s for sure.”

Nguyen made a big career decision in November of 2008 when he moved to Charlotte, N.C., the heart of NASCAR.

“It’s beautiful back there, but I discovered in about the second year that there is nothing like Las Vegas,” he said. “There is nothing like the diversity of people here. You don’t find that anywhere else.

“I’m definitely a dyed-in-the-wool Las Vegan now. I can’t see myself ever leaving again. I like the melting pot of Las Vegas.”

Findlay Toyota is spearheaded by General Manager Rich Abajian. The dealership is at 7733 Eastgate Road. For more information, call 702-566-2000 or by visiting