Friendly Ford sales agent goes way back with brand

About 12½ years ago, Randy Block decided he was tired of the frigid winters in Chicago, where he worked as vice president and general manager of a manufacturing company.

Block needed a change of scenery, so he moved to the valley and entered the car business with Friendly Ford at 660 N. Decatur Blvd.

“I have always been a car enthusiast anyway and I have always owned a Ford,” the 62-year-old Block said. “I have owned Fords most of my life. They have always had a product that suited my lifestyle at the time. From economy cars to SUVs, trucks, and four- and two-door cars, Ford’s strength is a diverse lineup.

“I have been a car enthusiast from my very first car: an MG Midget that I bought from a Ford dealer in Illinois.”

Block sells Fords because he said he believes in the product.

“Ford is a superior vehicle,” he said. “It has world-class technology, fantastic styling and the best-selling truck for more than 37 years. Ford also has one of the highest brand loyalty of any nameplate out there now.”

That Friendly Ford has been at its current location for more than four decades is another reason Block works at the dealership.

“Friendly Ford has a unique culture based on treating everyone who walks on the lot as an ‘honored guest,’” he said. “There are a lot of nice people who work here who are not your typical sales people. In addition, the company is very adamant about making sure the sales consultants here are familiar with the product.

“Especially with the Internet, a sales consultant really needs to be on his or her toes. At Friendly Ford, there is a strong emphasis on product knowledge along with customer satisfaction.”

The multifaceted Block has a long list of activities that he participates in, including skydiving; race-car driving, motorcycle riding and airplane flying. The activity away from the dealership helps him better focus on the car business.

For further information on Friendly Ford, call 702-870-7221 or visit Ed Olliges owns and operates the 44-year-old dealership.