Georgia couple win 2009 Camry

Atlanta resident and NASCAR enthusiast Angela Cantor is proof that timing is everything. After winning the NASCAR Crew Chief Challenge, Cantor won a 2009 Toyota Camry from Findlay Toyota in the Valley Automall.

Considering that her in-laws, Neil and Carol Cantor of Phoenix, had a vehicle that was literally falling apart, there could not have been a better time to provide them with a new car. With the help of her husband, Eric, the two won the car and were able to give a great Christmas present to their loved ones.

The family met at Findlay Toyota on Dec. 14 to claim the car, which was then driven on to Phoenix by the proud in-laws.

Angela Cantor entered the pit-stop contest, which featured weekly questions on the South Point hotel-casino Web site about race winners, the leader after 20 laps, the probability of a crash within the first 20 laps, along with other questions pertaining to Findlay Toyota. Questions regarding Findlay Toyota pertained to dealer incentives, the number of cars sold the previous year and the number of service bays the dealership has, among other questions.

"There were all kinds of questions," explained Angela Cantor, who works at Georgia Institute of Technology as a computer system administrator.

"My husband, Eric, and I were researching past winners and we would look at the practice times each week to give us an idea who was going to win."

Each contest round had 20 questions pertaining to the weekly NASCAR events. The couple usually had at least 12 correct answers.

"My parents now have a Honda Accord, either a '99 or a 2000," said Eric Cantor, who works in computers with Delta Airlines. "It's just getting old and getting up there in miles. It needs work on it and mom was complaining about it."

Angela added, "They have helped us out in the past, so this was a great way to give back."

In fact, both Angela and Eric Cantor are big Toyota fans. She is now on her third Corolla, while he had a Toyota pickup for quite some time.

"I loved my truck and at some point I'll probably get another one," he said. "We were all planning to come to Vegas anyway, so this was great excuse to get together."

Carol Cantor was ecstatic about the new vehicle.

"We're just driving over Hoover Dam as I speak," she said. "It's really nice and very comfortable and we're very happy. We're getting a lot of attention with all the signage on the car. We're not attempting to do any fast passing on the curve."

Further information can be found at or by calling 566-2000.