Pair looks for one car, buys two at Planet Hyundai

James and Jeannie Edwards came to Planet Hyundai Centennial recently to find a new vehicle for Jeannie Edwards. A short time later, the couple had two new vehicles: a 1.8 liter 2012 Sonata for her and a 2013 2.09 liter turbo Santa Fe for him.

"They just came in looking for one car and I noticed that James Edwards was driving a Hummer," said Amin Reddic, who has been selling cars for two years. "When I found out what he was paying per month just for the Hummer, I asked if they would be interested in getting two cars for the same payment as they had for the Hummer."

The two are happy with their new cars.

Reddic said he believes in selling someone a car not for today, but for tomorrow. He now has real fans in the Edwards.

"Jeannie needed a car and I work two jobs," said James Edwards, who works at Bally's on the Strip. "The Hummer was burning a lot of gas but I didn't come here to trade it in. Amin went to his manager and was able to put together a deal that was the same as we were paying for one vehicle. It was amazing and I'm so glad that we now have two new cars."

The turbo especially pleases James Edwards.

"I can mash the gas on my Santa Fe and it almost seems to turn into an electric car. It has immediate power, something that I had never experienced before.

"He's a great kid," James Edwards said of Reddic. "He treated us very well and he didn't give us any hard sell. Even the dealership's general manager (Mark Chernine) said he was an experienced salesman as well as a good guy, too. I'm trying to get him more car deals from some friends."

Jeannie Edwards is retired after teaching for 45 years - 29 years in Clark County and the rest in Houston.

"I love my car. It's classic and I like the color, the miles per gallon and how it handles," she said. "It just feels good having a new car and the management here was excellent. They have the selling style and skills here that all management should have."

The Edwardses plan to take a few trips in their new vehicles.

"The Sonata is going to Disneyland and the Santa Fe is going to Texas," she said. "Then we'd like to go to New York sometime, too. My Sonata has so much room in it. The interior and the trunk have a lot of room and I could take a lot of clothes on vacation. It's such a classy car."

Planet Hyundai Centennial is at 6200 Centennial Center Blvd.

Also included under the Planet Hyundai umbrella is Planet Hyundai Sahara at 7150 W. Sahara Ave. and Planet Hyundai Used Car Superstore at 7100 W. Sahara. Visit or call 702-483-2200 (Centennial) or 702-938-1400 (Sahara) for more information on Planet Hyundai.