Park Place sales agent hails from Bulgaria

To hear him tell it, Simeon Angelov’s career path started way back in Sofia, Bulgaria, where he and his father spent long hours trying to keep the family car running. It was a running joke that the Russian-made 1999 Lada Samara would get going on Monday but conk out by Friday.

“Growing up in Europe, you get to know a lot about cars,” said Angelov, a sales agent at Park Place Infiniti on Sahara. “Most of us work on our own cars.”

Aside from knowing about cars, growing up in Europe gave him the advantage of speaking multiple languages. Bulgaria, which is about the size of the state of Tennessee, is nestled in the middle of Greece, Turkey, Romania, Macedonia and Serbia.

“You’d be surprised how many clients I get that are happy to hear my accent,” said Angelov, 36. “We have clients from the Strip who speak Russian or Bulgarian or the languages from what used to be Yugoslavia, so I can speak to them in their language. It creates a good atmosphere… makes life a lot easier.”

Ultimately, it’s his knack for sensing what will make people comfortable and confident in buying the right car for their needs that makes him popular with Park Place Infiniti’s clients. According to Angelov, no matter what language he’s speaking, most clients simply want to deal with someone who understands their needs and provides quality service.

Joe Tortomasi, general manager of Park Place Infiniti, said he takes pride in employees like Angelov, who are dedicated to providing clients a superior experience and who are “experts in excellence.” Plus, Angelov’s professional background gives him an edge in giving people “superstar treatment.”

Prior to working in the auto industry, Angelov worked at two of the country’s most prestigious country clubs, one in Boston and one in Beverly Hills.

While working at the country club in Beverly Hills, Angelov saved up to start his own small trucking business, which brought him to Las Vegas in 2010. Here, he ran into a friend who recruited him to work at a local dealership selling Nissans.

“But I really wanted to move to a high-end store,” said Angelov, who is now in his third year with the Infiniti dealership. “At Park Place Infiniti, I have had great opportunities, and more to come with our new building opening soon.”

Park Place Infiniti is in the midst of a multimillion-dollar renovation project expected to transform one of its two existing buildings at 5605 W. Sahara Ave. This includes a complete redesign of exterior façades, the addition of a service drive canopy and a complete remodel of the showroom gallery and expanded service facility. Construction is expected to be complete later this year.

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