Talented service staff highlighted at Lincoln Mercury

A long line of loyal customers has followed a very talented group of technicians to the service department of Findlay Lincoln Mercury and its new location in the Valley Automall in Henderson.

"This is a very talented, hard-working and thorough group of technicians," said Claude Chiles, service manager for Findlay Lincoln Mercury. "They are all Ford-certified and factory trained including our Quick Lane technicians. Not just anyone can work on these cars because a technician must be qualified in order to properly diagnose and repair vehicles of today right the first time.

"You won't find a better group of technicians than the ones we have. We are a premier dealership with a premier group of guys."

The team includes Isidro Grijalva-Chaves, Jose Macias, service adviser Jose Meraz, Flavio Berumen, Jose Guerrero, Gary Gutierrez, Chet Lowe, Oscar Bravo, Eric Wimberly, Able Carreno, Cory Rossmiller, Louis Penna, Jason Scialabba, Bob Sokasits and Todd Wilson.

Chiles added that there are plans for expansion of the dealership's service department.

"We are going to expand our truck fleet facility," Chiles said. "We have such great tradition and we're now reviewing our expansion plans."

Dealership general manager Nathan Findlay lauded the staff of technicians.

"I would venture to say that we have some of the best technicians in the country," Findlay said. "Our customers have capitalized on their expertise for many years. When our customers bring their vehicles to us, they are in safe hands."

The importance of a quality service department is vital both to the sales staff and the customer, too.

"Our customers love it when they come to our service department and see so many long-time employees," said Don Lewis, himself an 18-year sales consultant with the dealership. "The service technicians are master certified and they know our vehicles inside and out. It's so important to have a service staff that has been here for so many years. Customers look at their service advisers and technicians just as they do a dentist or a doctor."

Phil Gervasi, who has been a customer of the dealership since 1982, said, "In this day and age, you need to be leery of where you take your vehicle and I rely on the experience and the professionalism of the Findlay Lincoln Mercury staff. I get my oil changes there on all my vehicles and get them checked up, too. I would not go anywhere else. I have people I can trust there. You build a relationship and it's just like being with a good family doctor or attorney."

Art Einhorn, a 10-year customer of the dealership, also goes specifically to Findlay Lincoln Mercury for work on a 2009 Lincoln MKS.

"With all the Lincolns we have had over the years, we have always had very few problems and, when we did, the technicians there rectified any problems in a timely fashion," said Einhorn, a 12-year resident of Las Vegas who has owned six Lincolns. "I have told the general manager about the excellent service, which has also included a loaner car. They treat us well there. Whenever we have the car serviced, they return it to us washed and cleaned. Besides the service, they have always given us fantastic deals on our cars."

Ron Wise, the owner of an '06 Lincoln Mark LT, is a 10-year customer of the dealership's service department.

"I go to Jose Meraz for all my service and he's not just good but darned good," said Wise, a 14-year resident of Las Vegas. "The dealership is the only one that touches my car."

George Babian owns a 1997 Mercury with 75,000 miles on it. He travels at least 35 miles one way to have his car serviced by the Findlay dealership.

"I don't know anyone else that I trust," said Babian, a 15-year resident of northwest Las Vegas. "I used to go to another dealership but they goofed up and cost me a lot of money. I have never had any problems with Findlay Lincoln Mercury and I have been going there for almost 15 years."

Findlay Lincoln Mercury is the top Lincoln Mercury dealership in the Phoenix region which includes Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico.

Call 457-0321 or visit www.FindlayLM.com.