Wife receives surprise Escalade for Christmas

Local businessman Pete Aguilar surprised his wife, Traci, for both Christmas and her birthday with a 2008 Cadillac Escalade SUV from Findlay Cadillac Saab in the Valley Automall.

The gift was ideal considering that Traci Aguilar was born on Christmas Day. After first searching unsuccessfully for an Escalade at another dealership, Pete Aguilar walked into the Findlay store, where he found the car he wanted in a matter of minutes with the help of sales consultant Chip Rogers.

"Traci wanted an SUV, and Cadillac was offering such incredible deals that I could not pass up the Escalade," Pete Aguilar said.

Traci Aguilar first saw the car two days before Christmas, which was an early birthday and Christmas surprise gift from her husband.

"I was ecstatic," Traci Aguilar said. "The car is beautiful."

The first thing the Aguilars did was take the car to California over the Christmas weekend.

"It was a nice comfortable road trip," Traci Aguilar recalled. "I drove it for awhile. ... There are heated seats -- even the back seats are heated. There are so many extra little things about the Escalade."

"I have never had a car as nice as the Escalade. It just rides so smooth. We love it. Pete is a very successful businessman and it's so nice that he also takes such good care of his family at the same time."

The Aguilar family includes three children: Ally, 10; Justin, 9; and Brooklyn, 4.

"The kids love the Escalade and they are so excited about it," Traci Aguilar said.

The Aguilars had never owned a Cadillac before.

"In reality, the price of a Cadillac was unbelievable," Pete Aguilar said. "It is definitely a buyer's market."

The Escalade came fully equipped with a long list of impressive amenities including an L92 Vortec 6.2 liter engine which generates 403 horsepower. Cadillac represents luxurious American automotive ingenuity at its best.

Findlay Cadillac Saab is led by general manager John Saksa.

The dealership is part of Findlay Automotive Group founded more than 47 years ago by the late Pete Findlay, whose son, Cliff, now spearheads new- and used-car dealerships in Nevada, Arizona, Idaho and Utah.