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Credit unions argue to keep tax-exempt status

Credit unions first earned their tax-exempt status in 1934 with the passage of the Federal Credit Union Act. The act granted the exemption because “credit unions are mutual or cooperative organizations operated entirely by and for their members.”

Q&A with Lori Soren, regional market president for U.S. Bank

With just 74 branches, U.S. Bank lacks the street-corner presence that its larger competitors — Wells Fargo & Co. and Bank of America Corp. — have in Nevada. But that’s all right with Lori Soren, whose strategy for the bank with $2.22 billion in local deposits includes mobile banking offerings, smarter ATMs and supermarket branches.

Strong local roots help banker serve community

When John Wilcox speaks of Las Vegas being better off economically today than it was six months ago, he is drawing on his own experience as a City National Bank executive. After running the business bank’s regional branches for four years, he was named Nevada regional executive.