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Cox introduces home security system in Las Vegas

Cox Communications has rolled out a home security package for Las Vegas customers, adding a fourth leg to its home technologies.

More than an alarm system, the security package allows customers to set up cameras, motion sensors and water sensors around their homes.

The system is controlled through a tablet hub and can be accessed remotely through a laptop or smartphone. Video cameras can be pointed at any area of the home or outside to monitor a yard or street, Cox spokesman Juergen Barbusca said.

Part of the package lets customers know whether a smoke alarm or carbon monoxide alarm have been activated while they are away from home.

“It gives you piece of mind,” Barbusca said. “Think of this as moving in the director of home automation.”

If the alarm is activated when a window or door opens, Cox alerts the customer who must verify the reason for the alert.

Whenever the system is activated, the customer is sent a text message and an email. From that point, they can opt to capture the surroundings on a video clip.

Arrick Foster, a professional security consultant, said the system allows people to monitor activity even if there is no alarm activated.

“You now have a system working for you versus you working for it,” Foster said. “Certain things are going to happen in your home that you’re going to want to know about.”

In the case of a burglary or other suspicious activity, Cox has partnered with Green Valley Security to send a patrol officer to the home.

Customers can control everything from lighting to turning on a television and setting room temperature from afar. A water sensor can be placed near a water heater or washing machine.

“By adding this fourth product, that leverages some of the technology we’re already known for,” Barbusca said.

Cox also provides Internet, cable and phone services, and the security system runs $29.99 to $39.99 a month when packaged.

Installment is $49.99 with a three-year contract.

“Cox Home Security is a natural extension of the communications services we deliver,” Mike Bolognini, market vice president of Cox Las Vegas, said in a news release. “One home may require a video camera near their pool for safety reasons. Another family may want text message alerts sent when children arrive home from school. No two installations are exactly alike.”

Barbusca said the company has plans to roll out products to enhance the home security system, although he did not disclose details.

Las Vegas is the seventh market in which the program has been introduced. It was first piloted in Arizona in 2011, and has since been released in California, Oklahoma, New England, Ohio and Virginia.

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