Q&A with MDL Group founder Carol Cline-Ong

Carol Cline-Ong is committed to taking MDL Group to the next level as a full-service commercial real estate brokerage and property management firm in Las Vegas.

Her goal is to provide clients with strategies that align short-term and long-term investment objectives with a hands-on approach. She’s focused on maximizing property value by raising revenue and cutting expenses.

Cline-Ong’s philosophy when meeting with clients and tenants is to first understand their needs, then provide options that best fit their overall goals.

“We work with clients to keep a pulse on the market and be creative in helping them purchase or sell a property or structure a lease,” she said. “Engage in conversations with a positive attitude geared toward a win-win outcome. Listen carefully, go the extra mile, say, ‘thank you’ and overdeliver.”

Cline-Ong founded MDL Group in 1991 with business partner Curt Anderson, whose CPA firm occupies the ground floor of the two-story office building at 3065 S. Jones Blvd. The company has about 30 employees.

A Henderson native and graduate of Basic High School, Cline-Ong is involved in several community organizations, including Nathan Adelson Hospice, Boys Scouts of America Troop 256, the Police Athletic League, Opportunity Village and the 911 Help America Foundation.

How did you get into the brokerage business?

I was an office manager at Development By Five and they asked me to establish a property management company. Curt was one of the five guys at DB Five. Four of them went back to their previous professions. Curt and I said, “We’re having so much fun, let’s do this ourselves.” We wanted to see what was around the corner. We had a lot more to do.

How were you able to grow during the downturn?

We’ve got 5.5 million square feet under property management. This business is about personal service, so everything we do becomes personal. We’re always asking what we can do to make it better and by doing that, we’re able to be ahead of the curve.

How do you advance to the next level?

It starts with people. What got you here may not get you there. We just brought on two new principals (Hayim Mizrachi and Jarrad Katz). They’re bringing additional knowledge and tools to better support our current and future clients in the commercial arena. We learned it one way and the economy continues to change and they’re very innovative and forward-thinking.

Where do you take clients?

For dinner, Morton’s. The food is divine and the atmosphere is quite classy, yet not stuffy. McCormick & Schmidt’s has great food. It’s consistent and the noise level is somewhat low to allow for easy conversations.

What are your greatest business characteristics?

Encourage those around me to excel. Together, passionate individuals can accomplish great things. Always be a student within your industry, as there are new and amazing things to learn most every day.