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Policy group proposes energy savings

Nevada utility customers could save hundreds of millions of dollars on their electric bills if the Nevada Legislature adopted energy savings standards as 26 other states have already done, a public policy group said Wednesday.

Report: Utility rates up sharply in past 30 years

A report prepared for a legislative committee on utility rates over the past nearly 30 years shows what most consumers already know. It costs a lot more today to turn on the lights and cool the house than it did just three decades ago.

NV Energy seeks to raise customer rates an average of $2.82 a month

NV Energy south filed a general rate request with the Nevada Public Utilities Commission that seeks a 0.9 percent overall increase across all rate classes, or about $20.8 million. The effect of the increase would be about 1.85 percent, or $2.82 a month for an average residential customer in Southern Nevada.

Ivanpah solar plant changes Nevada’s landscape

The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System, which covers approximately five square miles of federal land with 350,000 mirrors near the state line, opened Feb. 13 and is the largest solar power plant of its type on the planet.

North Las Vegas power plant proposal dropped

EP Renewable Inc., backer of a controversial waste-burning gasification power plant proposed in North Las Vegas, has withdrawn its application for a special use permit needed to build the facility off Losee and Lone Mountain Roads.