Hard to go green

We're entering a brave new world when it comes to energy. In order to save the planet from certain doom, mankind must overcome his reliance on fossil fuels and develop green, renewable sources to meet our energy demands.

At least that's what the finger wavers on the left are constantly hectoring us about.

So coal and other "dirty" sources are out. Great. We'll just use solar power, right?

Well, maybe not.

Generating lots of solar power requires the use of lots of land and water, which the green fringe hates. In addition, there are those pesky transmission lines needed to move power from one place to another. Not good. In New Mexico, for instance, a transmission line that would link solar plants with Arizona towns is under attack because it would cross two wildlife refuges and grasslands that are home to the sandhill crane in the winter months. Just last year, the Department of Energy backed off a plan -- cheered by many environmentalists -- to put a moratorium on solar plants on public lands, citing concerns for desert flora and fauna.

OK, then, we'll use the wind.

Not so fast.

Those giant windmills can kill birds, environmentalists argue. Besides, they're an eyesore and the constant, low frequency vibration may have unintended consequences on humans and animals. And don't forget those transmission lines.

Well, how about geothermal? Harry Reid assures us that Nevada could become the geothermal capital of the world.

Slow down.

In fact, some means of extracting geothermal energy produce carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide emissions -- and those are big no-nos to the green crowd. Besides, haven't you heard about the earthquakes? That's the right, the DOE this week announced that a proposal to fracture bedrock on federal land in California to extract geothermal energy will be put on hold until a study is conducted to determine whether the drilling could cause earthquakes. Do we really want to be responsible for thousands of deaths that might follow the next big temblor?

No coal, nuclear, natural gas. No wind, solar or geothermal. Why, a skeptic might conclude that the true agenda for many members of the green extreme has nothing to do with "clean" energy and everything to do with imposing an economically crippling, no-growth agenda that undermines human progress and prosperity.

Perish the thought.