From his coffin, Drac's voice did ring, lacking costume was worrying thing

Halloween is tomorrow, and if you don't have a costume ready yet, don't fret. I'm with you.

If you're not satisfied with snipping a few openings in an old bed sheet and going as Casper's great uncle, take heart. It's the Web to the rescue!

Head to your browser, go to Google, then type in "last-minute Halloween costumes" and you'll get roughly 850,000 results. Since not many of us venture past page three or four in the search returns, you can narrow the number of results to several dozen.

That's manageable, so get clicking. You'll find everything from basic colored T-shirts and other apparel bearing simple messages, like "This is my Halloween Costume," to a suggestion to head to the corner drug store to buy the makings for a walking, talking Christmas tree.

A message board entry from "emmalola" says: "I was at a party and a guest arrived dressed as a Christmas tree. He even allowed us to plug him in and lit up all pretty and everything. After receiving much appreciation from the rest of the crowd, he mumbled, 'Shucks. You go to Walgreens at 5 (o'clock) on Halloween and they don't have crap for Halloween costumes, but they have tons of Christmas stuff.'"

Finally, a real reason for pushing Santa stuff right after the back-to-school season ends. I'll quit complaining and will always look at garland in a different way.

You'll find several links with recipes for homemade makeup. There's everything from fake blood to hairy warts at (

For all things related to costumes, including historical facts and reference material, visit The Costume Page ( I liked the "How to Make a Renaissance Hat," presented by The Costumer's Manifesto. It makes a statement.

Tara Maginnis of the University of Alaska Fairbanks is the creator of the manifesto, which also includes the "Weird Clothing" link. You'll find instructions for paper dresses, bubble wrap clothing, hats of meat, dog clothes, the Duct Tape Fashion Gallery, computer wearables and a link to the "Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie Homepage," and dozens more off-beat topics.

If you're worried your costume isn't up to par, don't worry -- there's always something even more horrendous. To prove it, visit RetroCrush's gallery of the Worst Halloween Costumes of All Time (

I don't think the Scott Baio "Chachi" costume will work today.

Be sure to take photos of your Halloween costumes and festivities, as we'll be creating a special online photo gallery at Look for uploading instructions on the home page and share your fun with rest of cyberspace.

Trick or Treat!

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