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4 tips to cut your monthly car costs

To meet your financial goals and build a cushion for potential emergency situations, it’s important to find ways to save money wherever you can on major expenses. But what are some ways to minimize necessary costs? Here are some components of your transportation budget that could be adjusted to unlock major savings.

Protect and plan for your future with an IRA

The current recession, while far more severe than any in recent memory, should eventually bottom out. When it does, Americans will once again be looking for ways to accumulate assets for the future. And when that happens, many will turn to Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) to accomplish their objectives.

How to profit off today’s rising interest rates

Interest rates, which have been at all-time lows, have recently been on the rise. Because rates have such an impact on just about every facet of our financial lives, it’s crucial to understand how rising interest rates will impact them. So what are savers and investors to do as offensive or defensive moves?

How to get a credit card after being rejected

As more experienced credit card applicants know, a preapproved credit card offer isn’t as clean cut as it might appear. However, a bit of persistence, calculated persuasion and a little-known phone number might help you triumph in a credit card reconsideration appeal.

How work affects your social security benefits

How and when you file for Social Security is an important decision and has a big effect on the size of the Social Security checks throughout retirement. But what many people may not realize is that monthly Social Security benefits may be reduced if a recipient continues working while receiving them.

Sensibility for penny stocks

Sixteen publicly traded stocks selling for between a penny and a dime per share offer a low-cost way to own a piece of a company based in the Las Vegas Valley. Four more stocks trade for between a dime and a dollar per share.