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4 ways to save some cash when renting a car

Heading home for the holidays can come with a hefty price tag. Although gas prices are the lowest they’ve been in years, if you’re renting a car, increased demand during the season means you’ll likely encounter higher prices — especially if you haven’t already locked in a rate.

How to be rich in 6 simple steps

Everyone wants to get rich, but it takes a certain amount of dedication to join the ranks of the well-heeled elite. If you’re serious about generating a truly sizeable income, you have to work hard, stay disciplined and be willing to make some big moves outside your comfort zone.

20 things you should do with your money before 2015

The new year is right around the corner, and right now, many people are thinking about their 2015 resolutions. But you don’t have to wait until January 1 to get your personal finances on track; there are plenty of smart things to do with your money before the end of the year.

Exploring capital gains

Uncle Sam and Congress have long distinguished between income paid due to a person’s individual effort, such as wages or self-employment earnings, and income received from the profitable sale of assets knows as capital.

5 types of spending addicts: Which one are you?

From now until Christmas Day, it’s a brief time of year when it’s OK to spend some extra money, since we get to buy family and friends some cool stuff. But the spending can start to become a problem when it keeps going on and on, and gets more and more expensive.