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20 pets that make millions for their owners

It might be hard to accept that someone’s pet earns more money than you do — but unless you’re really rich, it’s true. From internet sensations to movie stars and commercial actors to print models, cats, dogs and animals of all stripes have raked in millions — or even tens of millions — for their owners. Here are 20 pets who have made their owners rich.

7 signs you're at a dead-end job

If careers were like roads, there would be big Dead-End signs posted on millions of cubicles around the country. But careers are slightly more difficult to navigate than highways, and it‘s hard to know whether your job has you in the fast lane to a bright future — or on the road to nowhere.

21 free or cheap date ideas

You don’t have to give up fun even if you’re on a super-tight budget. You just have to get creative. Try these cheap date ideas to have a great — and potentially romantic — time without breaking your budget or even without spending any money at all.