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The biggest myth about what your wedding should cost

A couple’s wedding day creates memories that last a lifetime for all parties involved. Unfortunately, the average wedding cost has grown significantly in recent years, according to estimates from the wedding industry, making it more difficult to save money to pay for this dream event.

26 unsettling truths about Social Security

It’s well past time to get informed on what you can expect to get out of Social Security in the next 80 years. We’ve put together a list of everything you need to know — the good, the bad, the awful, the silver lining — so you can start building a realistic retirement plan.

10 best banks of 2015

For those who prefer to bank with an institution that has an outpost in nearly every city (and even, in some cases, internationally) GOBankingRates ranked the best banks of 2015.

6 tax breaks for pet owners

Pets play an important role in our lives. Our dogs, cats and other diminutive friends are no different than people, really; they’re our family, so shouldn’t it seem obvious that Fido and Rex get the same tax return breaks as their human brethren?