Smith’s to demonstrate shopping cart designed to keep infants safe

From Thursday through Saturday, all 34 Smith’s stores in Southern Nevada will be participating in National Safety Month by introducing the Safe-Dock system, a specially designed shopping cart that keeps infants secure.

According to Linda Waters, division safety manager for Kroger, the grocery retailer that owns Smith’s, the company began exploring options to keep infants and toddlers safer at the supermarket more than a year ago.

“We had moms putting their babies in their car seats in the basket portion of the shopping cart, leaving them with little room to shop so they would have to come back another time or they would push two carts, one with their baby and one for their items,” Waters said. “With the Safe-Dock, it’s the first universal system so they don’t have to worry about what kind of car seat they have. Moms can take their car seat and secure their child in using the huge seat belt that comes across to strap them in.”

Employees will be on hand Thursday through Saturday in order to demonstrate the Safe-Dock system and let parents know the new feature is available.

“We want to make sure our stores interact with our customers because they may not realize the safety features we have developed for them,” Waters said. “We’re taking action for the benefit of our customers.”