Spirit's plans for LV-Los Angeles flights spark flurry of low fares

There they go again.

Airlines have locked in a fare war between Las Vegas and Los Angeles in anticipation of Spirit Airlines' intention to start flying the route in May. For the most part, the fares are not quite as low as when Allegiant entered the Las Vegas-Long Beach market in December.

US Airways, American and Southwest have all dropped their round-trip fares between Las Vegas and Los Angeles International Airport to $58, not including fees and taxes. JetBlue has matched between Las Vegas and Long Beach. The fares are not available every day and end in mid-May as a way to draw advance bookings away from Spirit, which starts the route May 5.

Allegiant dropped its round-trip fare to Long Beach to $20 on certain dates, but that rises to $113 total with all the fees tacked on.

Spirit, in announcing the new route, set aside a limited number of flights with $18 round-trips, but has since dropped that to $2. But with taxes and other fees included, the $2 rises to a $39 final price. On other days, Spirit shows a $38 round-trip.

By contrast, the lowest previous fare between Las Vegas and LAX was $98 round-trip. But in response to Allegiant, market leader Southwest went as low as $38 in December and earlier this year.