Latest report says Apple to reveal new iPhone Sept. 10

Technology enthusiasts everywhere woke up to another report about Apple’s next anticipated gadget.

According to All Things D, Apple will hold a special event Sept. 10 to announce the next version of the iPhone and more details about iOS 7, the next version of the iPhone and iPad operating system.

The next-generation operating system was unveiled at Apple’s developer conference in June and includes a design overhaul including new Siri voices and multitasking options.

Although Apple declined to comment on the latest report, the date would fall into Apple’s usual iPhone launch schedule. Last year, the company released the iPhone 5 on Sept. 12. Apple has typically announced its new hardware products on a Tuesday or Wednesday and then begun delivery and selling them in stores a week and a half after, on a Friday.

This year, though, Apple rival Samsung Electronics is said to be holding a launch event on Sept. 4 in Berlin — a week before Apple’s — to introduce a new Galaxy smartphone, reported USA Today, citing an anonymous source familiar with Samsung’s plans.

Last year, Samsung released a commercial for the Galaxy S3 taking several jabs at the iPhone 5.

The ad showed people in line for the newest iPhone being swayed towards the S3 after learning of the rival phone’s features, including a bigger screen and options to share videos and playlists instantly by touching phones.

Reports that Apple will release two iPhone models, one being a low-cost option, have also surfaced, but in usual Apple style, none have been confirmed. 

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