What's next? It's text; new service sends LV news to your mobile phone

There's a new way to get news and special deals in Las Vegas from the Review-Journal. It's your mobile phone.

If you can send and receive text messages, you're just a few steps from getting started. If your phone can connect the Web, even better.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am the executive director of Stephens Media Interactive, which operates the reviewjournal.com Web site and the new text messaging service.

To tap breaking news alerts, weekly deals and mobile coupons on demand, you'll use this number: 702411. You don't have to live in Las Vegas to participate; the service works from just about any text-capable phone anywhere.

We chose the number with the idea that it will be easy to remember. 702 is the area code for the Las Vegas area and 411 is the number associated with information. Las Vegas Info. Get it?

To see the full offerings, the latest details and instructions for activating the service, head to (www.reviewjournal.com/702411).

If you're in a hurry, you can sign up without visiting the Web site by texting "Breaking" to 702411 to receive news flashes (maximum of five per day) to your phone. You'll receive a message asking you to confirm your request by replying to with the letter "Y" (yes).

You can also text "Deals" to the 702411 to receive a weekly special offer from a variety of advertisers. They may include deals from restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, car washes or any merchant that signs onto the program.

Texting "STOP" to 702411 will stop all the services you've subscribed to.

The service is free, although each message sent or received will add to the count of your text messaging service with your mobile-phone company. Many carriers now offer unlimited text message plans, but most users are on a plan for a set number monthly or pay-per-message charges.

If you're a business owner and are interested in learning more, or if you have suggestions for the type of information you'd like to get by text message, e-mail me.

This is a work in progress that we know will change rapidly. We'll be adding alerts for sports and business specific topics like University of Nevada, Las Vegas scores or the financial market closing numbers. Tell us what you want and we'll work to make it happen.

Information is everywhere -- newspapers, magazines, radio, television, the Internet, billboards, shrink-wrapped buses -- and now your mobile phone. It's the only medium that's nearly always available and one of the three things we grab when we leave the house. The other two are your wallet and keys.

We're confident 702411 will help make it easier to keep connected with Las Vegas.

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