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Pardee employees receive awards

Pardee Homes employees in Las Vegas received top scores for excellence in construction, design and customer service in a national homebuyers survey, Division President Klif Andrews said.

Anxiety awaits in sixth season of 'Mad Men'

LOS ANGELES — In the first episode of the first season of “Mad Men,” Don Draper’s next-in-line affair, Rachel Menken, hears his brutal philosophy: Love is nothing more than an ad man’s myth, and everyone is born alone and dies alone.

Search crews recount dramatic California hiker rescue

Two hikers are recovering in Southern California hospitals after a four-day hunt for the lost teens met a happy ending. Lt. Jason Park says 18-year-old Kyndall Jack and 19-year-old Nicolas Cendoya were recuperating from dehydration and minor injuries on Friday evening.

KFC to offer easy-to-eat boneless chicken

In case Americans want to scarf down their fast-food even faster, KFC is stripping the bones out of its chicken. The fast-food chain says it’s introducing deep-fried boneless chicken pieces on April 14 as an alternative to its traditional breast, thigh and drumstick pieces.