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It takes more than carrots to maintain healthy vision

Peter Cottontail may know where he hid the eggs, but I am not sure he could find them if he was the one hunting for them. Those carrots he was eating to improve his eyesight weren’t enough to make a difference, according to my favorite eye care doctor, Chris Coker, O.D. He offers some great advice for Peter Cottontail that you may also find useful.

Sugar, salt detection decline with age

Taste and smell are closely linked. Delicious tastes help ensure that we eat and enjoy food, while unsavory tastes help us stay away from poisons. But did you know that our sense of smell is estimated to be about 10,000 times more sensitive than our...

Check up on your New Year's resolution

We are coming up on a six-month check-in (July 1) for our New Year's resolution adherence. How are you doing? Hoping maybe the thought would disappear until January 2013? Well, I've been informally polling people lately about why they are not...

Keep stress at bay during holidays

Get ready, here it comes! Thanksgiving. Christmas. Hanukkah. New Year's. The most wonderful time of the year. Crowds of people everywhere. Traffic jams. Buying gifts and overspending. Traveling delays. Relatives. Argghh! While the death of a spouse...

Create your own experience as you age

I'm excited to share my expertise as well as my journey with you in this column as I begin the evolution into my prime years. Although I bring an enthusiastic attitude, a strong will and a youthful mind-set, with many years of competitive sports and active living, I also suffer from the physical aches and pains from old sports injuries and arthritis.