Author displays skillful storytelling in 'Kindred Spirits’

The strength of friendship can help overcome the worst situations, and in the case of a trio of friends who have just lost one of their own, it will be a strength that is truly tested.

Sarah Strohmeyer explores that theme in her latest novel, “Kindred Spirits.”

It’s understandable how “The Ladies Society for the Conservation of Martinis” came to be for Lynne, Mary Kay, Beth and Carol who, on a fateful PTA meeting night, became friends and eventually confidantes after discovering they have much in common. And it’s with a heavy heart that Lynne celebrates that friendship with her last martini as she finishes the letters that will take her friends on a journey of discovery.

Mary Kay, Beth and Carol find it hard to complete their friend Lynne’s last wish as they try to make sense of her unexpected death. But once the funeral is concluded, the surprises aren’t over.

Lynne had a secret that will leave the remaining friends not only scratching their heads, but also running for the martini shaker as they question their own heartaches.

Beth, the kind one, who always sees the good in people, wonders if she is just a doormat for her family and friends.

Mary Ann, the strong, self-reliant single mom, who always cheers and pushes everyone to reach their goals, finds herself yearning for a man and a life she might have let pass by.

Carol, the determined one, who always makes sure everyone offers their best selves, longs for her old, comfortable way of life back among her family and friends.

Separately the women live amazing, productive lives. But together, they form a circle of women who are there for each other and know how to have a good time.

Strohmeyer taps into the close-knit world of women’s friendships with this story, and through her skillful storytelling she weaves a heartfelt and heartwarming accounting of love, comfort and even a bit of adventure. Her characters are each three-dimensional and strong in their own ways.

This is a great novel to spend a weekend with or to pass along to that friend who needs to know they have someone in their corner, too.