Author revisits 'Lost & Found' characters in 'Picture This'

Life has a funny way of bringing surprises when you least expect them.

Rocky Pelligrino is getting on with her life. Having retreated to Peaks Island, Maine, to recover and regroup after the death of her beloved husband, Bob.

Rocky has found strength not only in her new life on the island but also from her friends. She enjoys her temporary job as animal warden and has even cautiously begun a new relationship with her archery instructor, Hull. And her greatest comfort still comes from her rescued companion dog, Cooper.

But just as she thinks she might be able to return to her previous life as a college counselor, Rocky receives a mysterious phone call from a girl named Nicole who claims to be Bob’s daughter. This information sends Rocky reeling as she tries to determine if Nicole really is Bob’s child.

In “Picture This,” a sequel to her best-selling novel “Lost & Found,” author Jacqueline Sheehan revisits the characters and settings that endeared her to readers with the continuing story of the young widow Rocky and how she handles life's arrows.

Writing a sequel to a very popular novel is tricky — can the writer stay true to the original characters and can the story be continued in a way that will have readers coming back? Sheehan does an amazing job of accomplishing both and leaves the story open for more installments to hopefully come.

Part mystery and part intrigue, with a dash of romance and humor, “Picture This” is a fast-paced novel that grabs the reader’s heartstrings and holds them to the very dramatic conclusion.