'A Duke of Her Own' a good ol' bodice ripper

  Sometimes you’ve just got to give in and indulge in a good ol’ bodice ripping historical romance. And one of the best authors of the historical romance genre is Eloisa James.
  In her latest book, “A Duke of Her Own,” James touches on all the points that make a romance a pleasure to read. There is a pouty but smart duchess, a handsome but slightly evil duke, a silly misunderstanding, lots of passion and a happily-ever-after ending.
  Lady Eleanor has made a promise to herself that she would only consider marrying a man who was a duke or higher. And since the one man, who happened to be a duke, she loved has married someone else, poor Eleanor despairs of finding another to take his place.
  Then along comes Leopold, Duke of Villiers. His reputation of lust and ill repute proceeds him, but he is a Duke and therefore qualifies. And he has his cap set on Eleanor. Villiers has a proposition that might solve a lot of problems for both of them.
  And so begins the uneasy courtship between Eleanor and Villiers. She feels that to be fair he must compare her to the only other Duchess available — the loony Lisette who lives in her own fantasy world in the country. Villiers agrees to Eleanor’s conditions, but only as he has business in the area as well. But soon Eleanor and Villiers find that their visit to the peaceful country is not to be very peaceful at all. The journey seems to have been useful in many different ways, including the two of them falling head over heels for each other, much to the chagrin of others, especially Eleanor’s mother.
  James is a master storyteller, capturing the very essence of the rigid English society of the time. Her inclusion of Villiers' lovable but illegitimate children adds just the right touch of spice to the story, and it’s admirable the way James portrays the Duke as a good man deep inside who steps up to claim the children as his own.
  “A Duke of Her Own” is the sixth and final book in the “Desperate Duchesses” series, and it is the perfect ending for a wonderful sequence of books. I can’t wait to see what James comes up with next.