EVENT: Sleuthing out Nancy Drew fans at the Excalibur

  If plucky sleuth Nancy Drew doesn't seem like a Vegas kind of gal to you, guess again.
  That's because the Nancy Drew Sleuths, Nancy Drew fans (and book collectors), are gathering this weekend for the organization's ninth annual convention.
  The gathering, which runs at the Excalibur through Sunday, focuses on Nancy Drew title No. 52, "The Secret of the Forgotten City," which just happens to be set in Las Vegas and Valley of Fire. Members will follow in Nancy Drew's footsteps as they sightsee and experience activities that the intrepid young sleuth and her chums shared in the book. (No word on whether they'll be riding in snappy blue roadsters like Nancy's while they're on the road for the "Sleuth Survivor Adventure" at the Valley of Fire or "CSI:ND," during which they'll scour the town for clues.)
  Scheduled speakers include Sleuths president Jennifer Fisher ("Clues for Life: The Classic Wit and Wisdom of Nancy Drew"), who served as consultant for the recent Nancy Drew movie, and author David Farah ("Farah's Guide to the Nancy Drew Books"). Among the other planned activities: a charity raffle to benefit the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District, an old-time Vegas murder mystery party and a disco party.
  More information is available at www.nanycrewsleuth.com; contact Fisher at nancydrewsleuth@aol.com.