'Frostbound' an intriguing supernatural mystery

Life is never dull when you’re around Talia Rostova.

And in a town such as Fairview, where the supernatural is commonplace, sometimes too much excitement can be a bad thing — especially if someone is out to kill you — again.

The newly turned vampiress discovers she is in a world of trouble when her cousin is mistaken for her and is beheaded. Now, as a snowstorm locks down the city, Talia is on the run from whomever wanted her dead.

In steps Lore, a hellhound/deputy who was the first to discover Talia’s cousin’s body and is determined to find out who killed his beautiful neighbor. When he spots lookalike Talia, he takes her into his custody presuming she is the prime suspect in the murder-gone-wrong.

But something in Lore’s finely honed instincts tells him that she’s also a victim here. And as the Alpha hellhound, Lore was bred to serve and protect, so he's not freeing Talia until he's sure she's the prey and not the hunter.

As they argue and snip at each other over how to look for the culprit — and feelings of lust burst between them — a truce is called as Talia and Lore begin to track down the real killer.

“Frostbound” is the thrilling fourth novel in Sharon Ashwood's The Dark Forgotten series, but it can be read as a stand-alone novel. I was enthralled with this book that's filled with paranormal mayhem, a gruesome murder, thrilling intrigue and a bit of sexy romance. Hellhounds, vampires, werecougars — you name it, even a witch or two thrown in for good measure — make “Frostbound” a novel that will definitely keep you up all night reading.