Humor, suspense fill 'Body in the Boudoir'

Publishing 20 novels is cause for celebration for any author. Mystery writer Katherine Hall Page does the celebrating right with her latest novel in her “Faith Fairchild Mystery” series, “A Body in the Boudoir.”

Faith and Tom Fairchild are off on a second honeymoon, celebrating 20 years of wedded bliss. But on the long flight to Italy, Faith begins to recall how she and Tom almost didn’t make it to the altar, and the reason was a series of unexplained murders.

As the story travels back in time, Faith remembers when she first met Tom Fairchild — at a wedding for which her new catering company was providing food. She fell for the handsome young man almost at first sight, but their possible romance was nearly derailed when she found out he was the Rev. Thomas Fairchild.

As the daughter of a renown pastor, both Faith and her sister, Hope, had made a pact to never marry a member of the clergy — but here was love, slapping her in the face in the form of sweet and gorgeous Tom. So Faith ignores her pact and falls head over heels in love.

But the road to matrimony would be a slippery one for Tom and Faith. A series of mysterious occurrences, beginning with Faith’s unexplained food poisoning at her bridal shower, seems determined to prevent the young couple from saying “I do.”

Not only must Faith try to find out who is not in favor of her marrying Tom, but her new assistant Francesca begs Faith to help her unravel a secret from her family’s past, and her sister seems to have become the target of a deceitful scam to blacken her reputation on Wall Street.

And then there are those pesky murders to worry about. A bride’s work is never done, it seems.

"The Body in the Boudoir” is a rollicking adventure filled with intrigue and suspense — and a lot of humor — as Page takes her readers back in time to the beginning of Faith Fairchild’s sleuthing career. It’s a lot of fun catching up with Faith's shenanigans, and this is a very fitting way to celebrate such a huge milestone for this mystery series.