New in women's fiction

  Author Patti Callahan Henry adds to the shelves of women's fiction her new release, "The Art of Keeping Secrets."
  As the title suggests, this novel is all about secrets and whether we all have them.
  The story begins two years after Annabelle Murphy lost her husband in a plane crash. As Annabelle begins to emerge from her grief, she receives news that her husband's plane and body have been found ... along with the body of a female passenger.
  This development launches Annabelle into a world of doubt. Who is this mystery woman? Was her husband having an affair?
  Her search for answers leads her to Sofie Milstead, a dolphin researcher who has her own secrets to protect.
  The novel focuses on keeping faith in the people you love even in the toughest of circumstances.
  Henry does a good job conveying Annabelle's struggle as she questions whether she ever really knew her husband, but the pace of the story is frustratingly slow and the ending anticlimactic.
  "The Art of Keeping Secrets" is an easy beach read for summer, but I think you'd have to be a big fan of women's fiction to really like this ho-hum novel.