Something dangerous awaits readers in ‘Snow’

All Todd Curry wants to do is get to Des Moines to visit his son. But a terrible snowstorm leaves him stranded at the airport and ultimately leads him out into the falling white powder that holds more danger than he could possibly know.

Risking the icy roads, Todd and a few other stranded passengers rent a four-wheel-drive. They take to the highway, where they nearly total their vehicle while trying to avoid a peculiar stranger who claims to be looking for his lost daughter.

Now with an ailing Jeep Cherokee, Todd and his friends know they must get to the next town to find help. What they stumble into is a whole community in dire need of help — they find a battlefield of battered cars, blackened windows and bloody snow.

The town seems abandoned, but they soon learn it’s anything but deserted. The residents have been changed, corrupted. And these altered beings aren’t the only things roaming the dark streets. There are other creatures waiting in the snow, and they’re hungry.

Ronald Malfi offers an original scare fest with his novel “Snow.” Horror writers face a true challenge in coming up with monsters to splatter the pages of their books, and in “Snow,” Malfi creates something new for horror fans’ nightmares.

Malfi’s descriptive writing captures the cold and desperate scene in a way that will lure new fans to the genre. He doesn’t overindulge in gore, instead he relies on suspense to move his fast-paced story along.

“Snow” mixes just the right amount of fright and action, resulting in a horror blend that won’t scare off readers new to the genre but will still entertain those who love a good tale of fear and flight.