Young adult series set in dystopian world

Fans of dystopian fiction have a new young adult series to enjoy as author Ally Condie creates a world in which Society dictates what is best for its citizens.

Naturally there are a few who don't like being told what to do. They band together, become known as The Rising, and work to right the wrongs as they see them.

Beginning in her first book, “Matched,” Condie introduces her readers to three young people — Cassia, Xander and Ky. All three grew up together in the same neighborhood, and all three were changed in one way or another by Society.

Xander follows Society’s rules and becomes a medical officer. Ky is sent away for being an Aberration. Cassia and her family are punished for her outspoken ways.

In the second book, “Crossed,” Condie tells the story of the three as they struggle to find their identities in their new situations — Xander in his role as a conformist, Cassia and Ky as outcasts.

Now, in the third and final book, “Reached,” Condie wraps up the stories of the courageous young people as Society begins to crumble and The Rising is there to take over.

Xander is not who he seemed at first, and his heroics turn him into a person to be admired. Ky has become an important part of The Rising, and his love for Cassia is still true and deep. Cassia, though, struggles with her part in The Rising, not feeling that she is contributing anything, and she also struggles with her feelings for both Xander and Ky.

I was kind of late to this series but I devoured all three of them over a weekend and I'm glad I took the time to read them. This wasn't life-changing fiction, but it was enjoyable reading. With "Reached" I got the satisfying feeling of having the series wrapped up, with questions answered and an ending that I could live with.

Condie's writing is a pleasure to read and I enjoyed how she intertwined the poetry of Dylan Thomas and Lord Alfred Tennyson throughout the three books. I'm looking forward to seeing what she has to offer next.